Dumped Dogs Dog Shelter
Dumped Dogs shelter came about after years of working with Dogs - as a Groomer and Private Rescuer of Dogs.  Many of our friends and relatives were constantly finding dogs and sending them to us...
Often times we would come home to dogs tied to our gate or puppies left in rubbermaid containers on our porch.  We are proud that God has blessed our passion for saving his dogs - and we are now in a location where we can offer our Shelter Dogs for adoption to the public.

Dumped Dogs is currently seeking 501c3 Status 
We are currently registered with the Department of Agriculture as a rescue shelter - and are hoping our 501c3 will enable us to fund-raise more effectively so that we can help more dogs!   

WE are a private shelter...WE serve a very under-served community in a rural area where dogs are often "Dumped" - thus the name!! 

WE also take in former breeding dogs from the Amish Community. We have advertised in their shoppers that we will take in breeding stock that were formerly euthanized when their breeding days were over.  The response from the Amish Community has been very favorable!! Thanks to our friends who have a rapport with this community - we have been able to educate them that their "Livestock" still has many good years in them.  Though rehabbing and socializing them may take a little time - they are often some of the best adopted babies because they are so grateful to be loved!

WE DO offer spaying and Neutering from our vet at a reduced cost of $100 for Neuters and $125 for Spays -for all of our adopted dogs.  We also offer pick-up and Delivery for the dogs the day of surgery. Cost for spay and neuters are in addition to the adoption cost. 

WE also work with the SNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program who helps our adoptive parents get their dogs altered at a reduced rate.  

If you are interested in Adopting - Please make an appointment to come down or come during our business hour listed below...
  Please call - texting preferred - 234-521-3259

Our shelter is located just south of Canton Ohio

2393 Westbrook Street SE
Magnolia, 44643
9-5 Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Saturdays 9-3 / Sundays 12-3

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Here is a lovely little girl who came to us from an amish family.  She is actually housebroken and is ready to come live with a family.  She is pure sweetness.  She's about 6 years old and is a rat terrier-jack russell mix.  The perfect age to be settled down and loving life!  Please come meet her - you will love her too!          
This is Sadie.  Sadie is incredibly sweet and full of energy and is extremely resilient in spite of her circumstances...Her poor daddy has had failing health and was suddenly unable to care for her.   On the porch where he dropped her off - looking frail and sad - we all had a good cry and we took her in....Sadie loves to play...She is a wonderful girl who is just 5 years old - a shepherd and yellow lab mix.  a wonderful dog to walk on a leash and to eat meals with and love.  She is a true companion...and she looks forward to her next love and best friend.  Please consider Sadie!! 
This is Bobby.  He is a sweet dog who came to us from an Amish family - he was their pet.  They were moving in with the grandparents and had to only take one dog.  So the needed a place for Bobby... Bobby is housebroken and very found of older children - he is a good boy who needs to play and cuddle. Please consider Bobby! He is a joy!!
These are Golberian Puppies.  They are 6 months old.  They are Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky mixed...absolutely the cutest.  They have the personality of Golden retrievers - very laid back - patient - love children.  They are healthier as a breed because Golden have become so predisposed to Cancer.  So the breeders have decided to try something new.  But we have them here - because these two are very shy. 
These dogs are the nicest ! And they have all of their shots and worming done.  Two females ! 
This is a sweet Shih Tzu Male who came to us from an Amish Breeder.  
He is very sweet and loves other dogs as well as children and all people.  He is extremely scared but is slowly allowing us to break through his shyness.  Please consider this pretty boy for your new best friend!!  
This is a Puggle female who is about 4 years old.  She is such a wiggle butt and a very friendly....She likes to follow us everywhere.  She loves to play!!  If you want a sweet small-to-medium dog who will love you to death - this is the one for you!!

Here is a gorgeous Jack Russell girl.  She is about 5 years old and was surrendered by her family because she just did not fit into their family anymore and they brought her to us. SO SAD!!! She is not liking being a kennel dog here and she is very scared.  She loves to be hugged and she just clings to us.  Please come visit and fall in love.  $75 adoption fee
This is Buster!  He's a Westie - Wheaton mix.  He needs to be an only boy because he hates cats and does not play well with others.  With that being said - he is the best comapnion a man could have!! He loves to play and he thinks he is a human child.  He is sweet!!! Fixed and Housebroken - he was originally from a Humane Society but he was found to not do well with other animals.  Please come visit Buster.  He is just the best!
This is a lovely little Poodle-Shih Tzu mix.  She is about 5 years old and used to be used for breeding.  She is now a great friend - and needs a forever home that will love her for who she is!!  She is just the sweetest and her facial expressions are the best!!  She is up to date on everything and is ready for love!!   
Here is an adorable Shepherd Husky mix pup -  6 months old.  He is very sweet and friendly... He has all of his shots....ready for his forever home!!  He is really turning out to be one smart puppy!! 
This is sweet Cooper.  He's just a year old - Fixed and housebroken.  He came to us from a family whose dog did not accept him.  He is truly the sweetest!! WE love him.  He needs his forever home.  Up to date on everything!  Please come visit Cooper...
Here is a beautiful Pomeranian - Female and just gorgeous!! She is about 4 years old and ready for her forever home!   Came from a breeder but is done with that life and is now ready for love and family life!!  $95 adoption fee
Here are two 12 week old Beabull Puppies.  They are 3/4 Bulldog and 1/4 Beagle....Left is a girl and right is a boy.  Very Rolly Pollie and and soooo sweet!!  We offer a voucher to have them spayed or neutered for $77 and $67 when they are  4-5 months old.  $175 adoption fee
AKC Registered 1 year old as of December 8, female Rottweiler.  She is beautiful and is a very nice girl. Not horribley big - just a nice size!  She comes to us as a last of litter and she needs a forever home!  $200 adoption fee - a true bargain for a registered AKC female.  She is gorgeous...Will come with a voucher to be spayed for $77.  
This is a beautiful Old English Bulldog Girl.  She came to us from a family who had to move and give her up.  She is scared here at the shelter and needs her forever home.  She is a good gilr who is housebroken and listens well.   Please consider this girl for your new best friend  $95  adoption fee and comes with a voucher to have her spayed for $77 through our SNAP vet.
This little sweetie is a tiny Bichon.  She is 5 years old.  Very very sweet!! she came to us as a former breeding dog from the Amish.  Rescuing her saved her life!  She is getting used to us loving on her and teaching her about being a housedoggie.  She is the best!  Please consider her for your new best friend.  She comes with a voucher to have her spayed for $77. Her adoption fee is $85
Here is a lovely little girl who is a Shepherd and Collie Mix.  She is just beautiful!!  About 3-4 years old.  Ready for a forever home.  She is somewhat housebroken and loves everyone! please come visit her.  She loves people!!  
Here is a very nice male dog who would love to come to your house to play.  He is a Shepherd - Blue Heeler mix and he is about 2 years old.  He likes other dogs and loves people.  He came from a farm - so he has herding skills as well as knows how to be a great companion.  He is up to date on everything and is ready for love!!   
This is Hoover.  He was with us once before and the people who adopted him had to move and could not take him with them.  He is a wonderful dog!  He is fixed and housebroken and loves women.  He is a little shy of men and needs someone who will understnad his fears.  
This is a beautiful Shepherd Mix female.  Fixed and Housebroken!! She is an absolute Sweetie!! Very Very Good girl.  She is just a year old and is a very calm and sweet doggie.  We love her - you will too!!
This is Maggie. She came to us from a a family who moved.  She is a product of a divorce - sadly.  This girl is housebroken and listens so well.  She is a beauty and is very loving.  Playful and loves other dogs - kids - cats.  She is a great buddy to have with you at all times!!
Clear the Shelter Christmas Sale!!
Due to a huge intake of doggies - our shelter is full!! Many of our dogs have been here a long time and need good homes.  
Many are already spade or neutered and are housebroken as well

To provide families with a wonderful opportunity to adopt - We are offering this Sale
The following Doggies are 50$ to adopt 

Amy is a gorgeous Boxer Mix!cFixed and Housebroken!! She is an absolute Sweetie!! Very Very Good girl.  She has been here a long time and is somewhat shy in her cage - but she only wants loved and cuddled .  She is a wonderful friend!!
More Great Doggies Who Need Homes!!
All dogs come with a voucher for low cost spay and 
neuter and a 7-day money back guarantee.

Sweet small chihuahua/cairn mix. Very sweet boy 4/5 years. He was timid when he came in but has really warmed up - Our awesome Worker Sheila has befriended him and turned him into a little lover !!! Come and see him and fall in love !!
Sweet Maltese- female. About 4 years old. She’s really frightened but is coming out of her shell. She is starting to trust us. She is going to be a bit of a challenge - but she will eventually be a great best friend. Come meet her !
 Adorable 5 year old Havanese. She is just a sweetie. Very wiggly and playful. She is a bit shy but loves us to hold her. She loves toys too - which is a huge step for her. Come see this little honey. She wants a forever home
 Pretty Yorkie. Not really a tiny one. More the size if a Silky Terrier. Which is mostly like a bigger Yorkie with droopy ears so there ya go !! Anyhow. She is a really nice girl. Silky or Yorkie. She’d be a great friend !!
Beautiful Boston Terrier Female!  She is a lovely girl who needs some TLC - because she is shy.  Absolutely beautiful !!  A little Standoffish at first but really want a forever home!  
Adorable Havanese Poodle mix. She’s about 8 months old. Very energetic and playful and also likes to snuggle when she gets tired. This girl is very pretty - has s gorgeous coat of wavy black hair - and is super friendly !! Come meet her.
Mini Aussie Female - Beautiful Chocolate Coat.  We had to shave her a bit because of matting.  She is just the nicest dog ever.  Want to good home - a forever home - where she will have no more babies!! ..Will come with a voucher to be spayed for $77.  
Gorgeous 6 year old morkie. Fixed housebroken. A very nice doggie with lots of love to give. She came to
Us because if a death in the family. She definitely needs a loving and understanding new home.
Gorgeous 3 year old Rottweiler Female.  She had hurt her leg last spring and the breeder decided not to breed her again but keep her as a pet.  He had to give her up recently and she is the most gentle giant ever!!  Great girl with a big goofy heart!! Please come meet her and consider her for your forever home!! 
Sweet Pomsky Female.  She actually SMILES!!!  She is about 4 years old and was used for breeding only once and then was surrendered to find a forever home.  This girl is absolutely the best!! WE love her and so will you!!