Dumped Dogs Dog Shelter
Dumped Dogs shelter came about after years of working with Dogs - as a Groomer and Private Rescuer of Dogs.  Many of our friends and relatives were constantly finding dogs and sending them to us...
Often times we would come home to dogs tied to our gate or puppies left in rubbermaid containers on our porch.  We are proud that God has blessed our passion for saving his dogs - and we are now in a location where we can offer our Shelter Dogs for adoption to the public.

Dumped Dogs is currently seeking 501c3 Status 
We are currently registered with the Department of Agriculture as a rescue shelter - and are hoping our 501c3 will enable us to fund-raise more effectively so that we can help more dogs!   

WE are a private shelter...WE serve a very under-served community in a rural area where dogs are often "Dumped" - thus the name!! 

WE also take in former breeding dogs from the Amish Community. We have advertised in their shoppers that we will take in breeding stock that were formerly euthanized when their breeding days were over.  The response from the Amish Community has been very favorable!! Thanks to our friends who have a rapport with this community - we have been able to educate them that their "Livestock" still has many good years in them.  Though rehabbing and socializing them may take a little time - they are often some of the best adopted babies because they are so grateful to be loved!

WE DO offer spaying and Neutering from our vet at a reduced cost of $100 for Neuters and $125 for Spays -for all of our adopted dogs.  We also offer pick-up and Delivery for the dogs the day of surgery. Cost for spay and neuters are in addition to the adoption cost. 

WE also work with the SNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program who helps our adoptive parents get their dogs altered at a reduced rate.  

If you are interested in Adopting - Please make an appointment to come down or come during our business hour listed below...
  Please call - texting preferred - 234-521-3259

Our shelter is located just south of Canton Ohio

2393 Westbrook Street SE
Magnolia, 44643
9-5 Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Saturdays 9-3 / Sundays 12-3

This is Dunkin - He is about 5 years old and is fixed and Housebroken  VERY Housebroken!!  He is a great boy who needs to be the only dog in the house - He is not fond of Cats or little dogs....
Other than that one problem - Dunkin loves kids and people.  He thinks he is human and he is very very smart!! Please come meet him if you want the best boy possible for a great companion!!

This is Buttercup.  She is very sweet and shy - but is fixed and housebroken and longs to be in a home again. She was given up when her owner moved and could not take her.  Buttercup is afraid here at the rescue and needs to have an understanding and patient family who will give her time to get settled into home life again.  Please come and meet Buttercup!

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Worth the Wait!
This is Maggie she is a one-year old shepherd mix who is a wonderful friend....She is very playful but listens well for being such a ray of joy!! She came to us because her mommy had to move and the family couldn't take her...Please come play with Maggie and see her wonderful qualities!!  She is such a good girl!
This is Rocky - a Mountain Cur...He is housebroken and a very good boy.  He is no more than 1 year and he listens well.  Playful but very loving.  He loves kids!!!  Come Meet Rocky - he is the perfect famly dog!!

Here is a lovely little girl who came to us from an amish family.  She is actually housebroken and is ready to come live with a family.  She is pure sweetness.  She's about 6 years old and is a rat terrier-jack russell mix.  The perfect age to be settled down and loving life!  Please come meet her - you will love her too! 
This is Buster.  He is a 4 year old Wheaten Terrier full of fun and playfulness!!  He is fixed and housebroken and  needs to be part of a home again!! Buster loves everyone and is great with Kids and other dogs.  He loves car rides and he loves treats!!  Please come meet Buster! He's a keeper!!
This is Batman.  He is a very handsome boy!!  he came to us with a full batman leash and harness on him - because he was dumped ...he's been here for months and no one has answered our ads about having him.  We recently had him neutered and he is ready for his forever home.  Please come meet batman.
This is Amy...Amy was surrendered by her owners because she could not get along with the other female dog that was in their home.  She is a very good and loving sweetie who loves people so much....may be the only dog you need.  Not sure of if she gets along with males....She's 2 fixed and housebroken! come meet Miss Amy!! She is wonderful!!
This is Maddie.  Maddie is a St. Bernard Mix who is all muscle as well as all love!!!  She is such a complete lover and is just the best!!  She is fixed and completely housebroken and needs a forever home that will play with her and love her for the big gentle soul that she is.  She was turned into us because she did not do well with another female dog - but seems to be ok with boy dogs.  Not great with little dogs of any sex.  Please come meet Mddie if you are looking for a dog that is as large on love as she is on size!  She is all heart!!!
Here is a sweet Newfoundland female puppy.  She was the last of a litter and is looking for a forever home.  She came to us from a breeder and her price is set by the breeder....yes of course she is more than what we charge for our puppies - but she is a beautiful full-blooded dog and much less than most breeders charge.  Please email us for details on this pretty girl who needs a home!

This is Molly...She is Maltese and Pug - sweet combination.  Just look at that face!!  Molly is housebroken and loves just everyone.  She was surrendered to us because her people got her as a favor to a family member and then they didn't have time for her...Molly is 4 1/2 years old and has always been a house dog! Please come meet her - and fall in love!!
Here is a sweet girl who came to us from an amish breeder.... She was used as a breeding dog and is now ready for her forever home.  He is the sweetest - totally unaware of what it means to be a dog - which means with her adopter she will learn to love and play and trust.  She is an absolute love already - and loves to be held...She's about 4 -5 years old.  absolutely adorable
This is Shiloh - He is a terrier lab mix.  Shiloh is an older fella - about 6 years old - but he needs a good home.  He is fixed and housebroken and loves everyone.  He has lots of energy and loves to play. His parent surrendered him because of a move.  He is up to date on everything and just begs for a new forever place to land!  Please come play with Shiloh!
This is Gracie!!  She is a sweet doggie in her golden years.  Gracie came to us because her owner went into a nursing home.  She is fixed and housebroken and loves to give hugs and kisses.  She is a little out of her element here at the shelter.  She misses havinga home.  She needs a new place to live out her years and do what she does best...Love people!! Please come and meet this golden girl
This is Sadie.  Sadie is incredibly sweet and full of energy and is extremely resilient in spite of her circumstances...Her poor daddy has had failing health and was suddenly unable to care for her.   On the porch where he dropped her off - looking frail and sad - we all had a good cry and we took her in....Sadie loves to play...She is a wonderful girl who is just 5 years old - a shepherd and yellow lab mix.  a wonderful dog to walk on a leash and to eat meals with and love.  She is a true companion...and she looks forward to her next love and best friend.  Please consider Sadie!!
This is Sophie...She is a two year old wonderful house doggie who loves everyone.  She was surrendered to us because her people abandoned her and the lady who found her could not have dogs.  She is a bit shy - but who can blame her.  She is the perfect sized family dog and she is completely housebroken.  Please!!  Please come meet Sophie! She is wonderful.
This is Bobby.  He is a sweet dog who came to us from an Amish family - he was their pet.  They were moving in with the grandparents and had to only take one dog.  So the needed a place for Bobby... Bobby is housebroken and very found of older children - he is a good boy who needs to play and cuddle. Please consider Bobby! He is a joy!!
This is a sweet Bichon male who came to us from an Amish Breeder.  
He is very sweet and loves other dogs as well as children and all people.  He is learning to actually play - which means he is feeling safe.  Please consider this pretty boy for your new best friend!!  
Here are two adorable Mini Australian Shepherd Pups - both male.  They are about 5 months old and absolutely the cutest.  Lively and playful and energetic! They are definitely for the action packed lifestyle.  they love to run and play.  Please come see these sweeties. They are so ready for good homes!!
These are Golberian Puppies.  They are 6 months old.  They are Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky mixed...absolutely the cutest.  They have the personality of Golden retrievers - very laid back - patient - love children.  They are healthier as a breed because Golden have become so predisposed to Cancer.  So the breeders have decided to try something new.  
These dogs are the nicest ! And they have all of their shots and worming done.  Absolutely a bargain.  200$ and ready for good forever homes!!
This is Duke....He is a beautiful AKC registered Great Dane.  He is four years old and will be five first week of October. He is a real love who wants nothing more than to be ...running around outside or curled up with his favorite people.  He is an older guy - but his love is worth the time and he is in perfect health!  Please  come meet duke - he is a good boy!

Here are 2 AKC REgistered Rottwieler Males.  They came from a breeder who was not going to use them for stud and they were getting older.  Come with AKC Papers and complete Shot and vetting history....They came from a breeder and ...yes of course it is more than what we charge for our puppies - but at a real savings compared to other rotties who are registered - and they are well worth it!! 
Here is beautiful Shelby. She is fixed and housebroken and an absolutel love!! She is nervous being at the shelter.  Her parents moved and she had to find another home.  Shelby is 2 and very playful.  She loves kids and people - she is a little funny with other dogs.  We love her and want her to find a good home!! Please come meet Shelby.  She is beautiful!!
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He called looking for a beagle and JackRussell mix. His name was Damen and his own Jack/Beagle mix had just died of cancer a few weeks ago at the age of 13. "And she was the best dog ever!" he said on the phone - his voice trailing of - full of emotion and memories. Being a Jack Russell enthusiast myself, I had to agree. "Jack mixes are awesome!" I said. 
He asked about other dogs too that he'd seen posted on our website. But the little girl in question had not yet made it to the web page. 
" My friend, Mark,got a dog from you a couple of years ago," Damien said. "He's bringing me down because I wasn't afraid I might not find the place. ". He told me, " Mark assured me you folks always have such nice dogs for adoption. So we'll be down tomorrow evening and we'll see her?" he asked. And I told him that would be fine.
By the time Damen and Mark made it down to the shelter, we'd already had a banner day. Lots of adoptions and preparing for a big weekend of placements already in the works. When he said he was there for a beagle I had to think about it for a second....YES!! I recalled at once and ushered them back to meet our Jack and Beagle mix girl in the back yard. He asked that I let a few other possible adoptables out at the same time so he could pick or see who picked him. 
His friend Mark, whom I recognized as a former adopter, and I watched as the Jack and Beagle mix followed Damen around as if she knew that he was there for her. The other two small beagle mixes were friendly to Damen, but did not share the same desperation for love as the little Jack mix girl who would not leave his side. 
" I think it's gotta be this one," Damen said. "She is just as cool as Jessie - the girl I just lost." He then recounted memories of his love of 13 years - and how she'd slept with him and ridden in the truck with him everywhere...and how she would greet him on the days when he got home from work- if she didn't get to go along. 
"She got sick and she did me the best favor ever by passing before I had to make that hard ride to the vet. " he said - holding the little Jack-Beagle mix girl and stroking her head. "I gave her the best funeral, too. I dug her a big hole in her favorite corner of the backyard- and wrapped her up in her blanket she always used to lay on..." he continued. "Then I put her three favorite toys in her blanket and buried her with her head resting on her pillow." He kissed the top of the little girls head and sat her down on the ground and watched her race around the yard. 
"I have lots of room and live on a dead end road..." Damen told us watching her. "She's really perfect for me..". I couldn't have agreed more. 
For as I watched him leave with his freshly bathed new companion - I heard him tell his friend who had brought him "I'll bet she'll be the best dog ever! ".