Dumped Dogs Dog Shelter
Dumped Dogs shelter came about after years of working with Dogs - as a Groomer and Private Rescuer of Dogs.  Many of our friends and relatives were constantly finding dogs and sending them to us...
Often times we would come home to dogs tied to our gate or puppies left in rubbermaid containers on our porch.  We are proud that God has blessed our passion for saving his dogs - and we are now in a location where we can offer our Shelter Dogs for adoption to the public.

Dumped Dogs is currently seeking 501c3 Status 
We are currently registered with the Department of Agriculture as a rescue shelter - and are hoping our 501c3 will enable us to fund-raise more effectively so that we can help more dogs!   

WE are a private shelter...WE serve a very under-served community in a rural area where dogs are often "Dumped" - thus the name!! 

WE also take in former breeding dogs from the Amish Community. We have advertised in their shoppers that we will take in breeding stock that were formerly euthanized when their breeding days were over.  The response from the Amish Community has been very favorable!! Thanks to our friends who have a rapport with this community - we have been able to educate them that their "Livestock" still has many good years in them.  Though rehabbing and socializing them may take a little time - they are often some of the best adopted babies because they are so grateful to be loved!

WE DO offer spaying and Neutering from our vet at a reduced cost of $100 for Neuters and $125 for Spays -for all of our adopted dogs.  We also offer pick-up and Delivery for the dogs the day of surgery. Cost for spay and neuters are in addition to the adoption cost. 

WE also work with the SNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program who helps our adoptive parents get their dogs altered at a reduced rate.  

If you are interested in Adopting - Please make an appointment to come down as we are often out on rescue calls.
  Please call - texting preferred - 234-521-3259

Our shelter is located just south of Canton Ohio

2393 Westbrook Street SE
Magnolia, 44643
9-5 Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Saturdays 9-3 / Sundays 12-3

This is Dunkin - He is about 5 years old and is fixed and Housebroken  VERY Housebroken!!  He is a great boy who needs to be the only dog in the house - He is not fond of Cats or little dogs....
Other than that one problem - Dunkin loves kids and people.  He thinks he is human and he is very very smart!! Please come meet him if you want the best boy possible for a great companion!!

This is Houndy Girl!! She is a Black and Tan coonhound who has lots of spunk! She is very affectionate and she can sit pretty.  She is a good girl who just needs a great home.  She can be spayed for $55 through our voucher program and her adoption fee is only 50$  Come meet Houndy Girl...she is a sweetie!! 
This is Vera - she is a sweet full blooded boxer who is about 5 years old.  She was used for breeding and has been retired from having any more babies.  She is shy and sweet and loves to give love.  Please come see her - she is a wonderful girl!

This is Buttercup.  She is very sweet and shy - but is fixed and housebroken and longs to be in a home again. She was given up when her owner moved and could not take her.  Buttercup is afraid here at the rescue and needs to have an understanding and patient family who will give her time to get settled into home life again.  Please come and meet Buttercup!

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Here are two sweet BoerBoel Females - they are both South African Mastiffs.  The one on the Left is Ginger - she is tall and lanky and very docile.  The one below is Lady Jane - she is more assertive and massive.  Both are wonderful with people.  Both are not fond of small critters - small dogs, cats, vermon.  THey are protective and calm and confident loving dogs.  Please come meet them to see if they could be a good fit!

Angie stood in the doorway of the Shelter and took one look at the husky and her face dropped...Her eyes filled with tears and she shook her head frantically "NO".....I had tried to warn her that the husky we had in our shelter was not her missing dog because we had picked her up ourselves from an Amish barn - but still I hated to be the bearer of that news and have to see how sad she was in discovering the truth.
10 yards behind her - her sister - April followed...With the same hope in her eyes that Angie'd had only moments before. Angie shut the door behind her and turned to April...."It isn't her!" Angie sobbed....April's face fell too. 
I told them quickly the story of how we'd acquired the husky - from the Amish man who'd dragged her out of the barn and how she'd never been given a proper name. Still - I saw that blank stare on their faces - as if the blood was pounding in their ears and sobs were again only seconds away. 
It was almost closing time and as much as I thought about turning off the lights and telling them "I'm so sorry" - I sensed that they needed a doggie fix - so I opened the door to the shelter and said "You can go on in if you want to...."
Something told me that they needed to see dogs...and touch them and let them lick their hands and faces....Something told me they were in need of that connection and love.....Something told me ....
And thankfully I listened....
I let the girls walk through the cages and checked on them a few times while I went outside to do a few last minute things before we got ready to close. I wandered in again a few minutes later and the two of them were standing in front of Penny's cage.. Penny - who had been with us two years...Penny who had recently been spayed thanks to the generosity of our community and the wise planning of a spay and neuter fundraiser by our volunteers. Penny who had come in as a breeding mama and took her time in deciding that people and children and animals were tolerable and lovable...and even favorable over the life she'd once had. They stood in front of Penny. 
April asked me how they would go about adopting if they'd found a dog that they wanted? I looked at them and motioned them to come outside so we could talk with less noise. 
"Which dog did you want to adopt?" I asked them 
"We like the big white one - with the patch over her eye," they said. Since it looked terribly bleak that they would ever get their husky back - April had been begging Angie to consider getting another dog...to ease her pain bring that doggie love back to the house again....
"Penny?" I gasped.....That would be great - I thought.
For - ever since Penny was spayed - she'd become more calm - Loving and sweet. She seemed like she knew that her days at the shelter were numbered and that now that she had to pick her new forever home. I'd been praying for that home.. I had become - what I called - a real "Penny Pusher" in the past several weeks. Because I could feel it too: her readiness to give herself to a family - her new lease on life - and her willingness to leave us and start that life. 
Truly it was all about timing - and I'd come to know that a hundred times before with dogs who had been there a long time. All it took was God's plan ...that special moment....the right people...And it also took for us to listen to that plan. Something had told me to stay and let them in....Maybe this was meant to be....
So I let Penny out of her cage to come outside,...and she ran to the girls who stood waiting to see her. She went right up to them and started cooing over them and giving them kisses - like she'd been waiting on them to pick her up from daycare! She just fell in love with them - and she chose them as equally as they chose her. 
"Wow!" I said in delight - "I am amazed at how she just loved you guys instantly! It just might be meant to be that you all came here looking ...." 
April stood there hugging her - and Angie stood there crying....
"April was in a terrible accident in November and was in a coma for a month,...She has plates in her legs and she has to start therapy. Her Doctor wants her to walk as much as she can. The husky was so powerful - and April couldn't walk her...And she has wanted a gentle big dog that she can walk daily....Penny would certainly fit the bill....I would love for April to have a dog she could walk - Does Penny walk?" Angie asked.
"Penny loves to walk!" I said. 
"That is how I first broke the ice with Penny," - my husband - who had come out to the yard to see what was keeping me - explained to them... He started telling them about Penny's life here and all the ways that she'd changed and become such a good girl...
"I she really loves you guys, " he said.
The sisters looked at each other and at the massive pooch that was standing between them with longing in her eyes to go home with them. 
"Do you think we should?" Angie asked.
"How can we not?" April answered.
And soon Penny was fitted for her collar and leash and was walking around the back yard with April as Angie watched to make sure it was a good fit, And of course - because it was all about God's timing and must have been His plan for Penny - It wasa match made in Heaven!
My husband and I watched as the girls and Penny bonded and the memories of the last six years seemed to melt away for Penny with every step.
All that time....As a breeder and a resident at the shelter...were now things of her past. And with each step she took her head was held higher and higher.....
I watched them cross the street - after her papers were given up and our goodbyes were said. She literally pranced like a show pony - proud and free...going home with two sisters who assured us that Penny would be not just a pet - but a full member of the Hanlon family...Forever loved and forever theirs.....
After two years and much love, much kibble, and much prayer.....Penny was proudly marching off - forever home!!!
Worth the Wait!
This is Rascal. He's 6 years old and fixed and housebroken. His mommy's health has been declining and she could not take care of him. So I had to go pick him up from
her home - which was very sad - but now he is here with us. He is a great boy. He's very gentle and loves everyone. If you are looking for a nice older loyal Doggie - rascal is your boy. if they could be a good fit!
This is Maggie she is a one-year old shepherd mix who is a wonderful friend....She is very playful but listens well for being such a ray of joy!! She came to us because her mommy had to move and the family couldn't take her...Please come play with Maggie and see her wonderful qualities!!  She is such a good girl!
This is Duke...He is a 4 year old Weimaraner who came from being a breeding male to being a sweet adoptable family dog!! He loves people and listens well.  His wild younger days are behind him and right now he just wants to be with his people and go for walks and hang out.  he is tall and strong and needs exercise daily - but he is worth the effort.  Such a good boy!!
This is Maggie - a smaller Black lab female who is about 8 years old.  She has lots of spunk yet and just loves to cuddle.  She is a nice family dog - fixed and housebroken and is great with kids and cats and everything.  Please come meet Maggie - she needs to be part of a home again!! 
This is Herbie - he is a maltese male who just needs a lap to land on.  He is an older breeding fella who keps his cage clean and wants to go outside to go potty.  He is a little shy - but loves to be held and kissed.  Please come meet Herbie.  He needs a forever loving home!! 
This is Bandit and Daisy...They came in from a hoarder and are brother and sister.  They are both fixed and housebroken and in need of a foster home...either together or separately - but it would be easier to have them be together....They are so worth it for someone who wants to put the time in on making them more accepting to people.  They are beautiful dogs who are just extremely shy.  They were fostered once with much success but had to come back to us due to changes in the foster family's housing rules. 
Please consider them for fostering.  They need a chance and we want to help make them into the dogs they should have been all along! 
Chihuahua - Mini Rat Terrier Puppy.  Parents were not more than 12 pounds each.  He is the last of five.  Very sweet boy!  Please come and see him!!

This is Rocky - a Mountain Cur...He is housebroken and a very good boy.  He is no more than 1 year and he listens well.  Playful but very loving.  He loves kids!!!  Come Meet Rocky - he is the perfect famly dog!!

Here is a lovely little girl who came to us from an amish family.  She is actually housebroken and is ready to come live with a family.  She is pure sweetness.  She's about 6 years old and is a rat terrier-jack russell mix.  The perfect age to be settled down and loving life!  Please come meet her - you will love her too! 
This is Mama - a sweet Puggle who was used for breeding and is now retired.  She is about 5-6 years old and loves nothing more than being on a couch and in a blanket snuggling with her people.  She is doing great on the housebreaking and is a real peach!! Please come meet Mama - she's a great little girl!!
This is Polly - a sweet Puggle who was used for breeding and is now retired.  She is about 4-5 years old and likes to play and snuggle...She has the best personality and a great face!!  She is doing great on the housebreaking and is a real friendly girl!! Please come meet Polly - you won't be able to resist that face!! 
This is Buster.  He is a 6 year old Wheaten Terrier full of fun and playfulness!!  He is fixed and housebroken and  needs to be part of a home again!! Buster loves everyone and is great with Kids and other dogs.  He loves car rides and he loves treats!!  Please come meet Buster! He's a keeper!!
This is Batman.  He is a very handsome boy!!  he came to us with a full batman leash and harness on him - because he was dumped ...he's been here for months and no one has answered our ads about having him.  We recently had him neutered and he is ready for his forever home.  Please come meet batman.