Dumped Dogs Dog Shelter
Dumped Dogs shelter came about after years of working with Dogs - as a Groomer and Private Rescuer of Dogs.  Many of our friends and relatives were constantly finding dogs and sending them to us...
Often times we would come home to dogs tied to our gate or puppies left in rubbermaid containers on our porch.  We are proud that God has blessed our passion for saving his dogs - and we are now in a location where we can offer our Shelter Dogs for adoption to the public.

Dumped Dogs is currently seeking 501c3 Status 
We are currently registered with the Department of Agriculture as a rescue shelter - and are hoping our 501c3 will enable us to fund-raise more effectively so that we can help more dogs!   

WE are a private shelter...WE serve a very under-served community in a rural area where dogs are often "Dumped" - thus the name!! 

WE also take in former breeding dogs from the Amish Community. We have advertised in their shoppers that we will take in breeding stock that were formerly euthanized when their breeding days were over.  The response from the Amish Community has been very favorable!! Thanks to our friends who have a rapport with this community - we have been able to educate them that their "Livestock" still has many good years in them.  Though rehabbing and socializing them may take a little time - they are often some of the best adopted babies because they are so grateful to be loved!

WE DO offer spaying and Neutering from our vet at a reduced cost of $100 for Neuters and $125 for Spays -for all of our adopted dogs.  We also offer pick-up and Delivery for the dogs the day of surgery. Cost for spay and neuters are in addition to the adoption cost. 

WE also work with the SNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program who helps our adoptive parents get their dogs altered at a reduced rate.  

If you are interested in Adopting - Please make an appointment to come down as we are often out on rescue calls.
  Please call - texting preferred - 234-521-3259

Our shelter is located just south of Canton Ohio

2393 Westbrook Street SE
Magnolia, 44643
9-5 Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Saturdays 9-3 / Sundays 12-3

This is Penny - Penny is a beautiful American Bulldog. She is a loyal and protective girl !!  She is about 5-6 years old.  She is now fixed and is housebroken .  Penny has changed a great deal since we first took her in.  She now loves people and even some small dogs.  She likes kids now and men and has completely learned to trust.  She would be a great calm dog for a quiet family.

Last of the Litter Specials:
Sometimes we get the opportunity to rescue puppies who are the last of the litter for breeders who are willing to work with us on placing the pup and offering a high dollar puppy at a lower price. We make no money on these pups but are merely placing them for the breeder at a reduced fee.  This gets these pups seen and adopted out into forever homes.  We also offer low cost spaying and neutering from our vet  through our own spay and neuter program. So it is a win-win for both the adopters who seek these kinds of dogs and us - who seek to place all homeless doggies in forever homes.  This section is our "last of the litter" specials!

Please feel free to contact us for adoption info.  

This is Ernie - he is a Wonderful Dachshund Mix who just longs to live in a home and be loved.  He is doing great on Housebreaking and he is learning that people are fun to be around!!  He is a wonderful doggie who just needs a chance!   
This is Dunkin - He is about 5 years old and is fixed and Housebroken  VERY Housebroken!!  He is a great boy who needs to be the only dog in the house - He is not fond of Cats or little dogs....
Other than that one problem - Dunkin loves kids and people.  He thinks he is human and he is very very smart!! Please come meet him if you want the best boy possible for a great companion!!

This is Polly....she is a sweet beagle who is a bit older - 8 years old.  She is housebroken and very lovey.  She i just a great pet who loves everyone and loves to snuggle.  If you are a beagle person - she is definitely your girl!!

This is a sweet little Shih Tzu - she is 6 years old and a very good girl .  She is a little shy but she is very cuddly.  She has a little cataract on her right eye...but that does not stop her from being adorable or from moving around wherever she wants to go.  She is a sweet little bundle of love - Come see her!!

This is Captain!! He is fixed and housebroken and 4 years old.  He is big boy with lots of spunk and he loves to go for walks.  He is not a runner and he is used to being an inside dog. He also loves to play.  Please - if you are looking for a great family pet - come meet captain!! 
This is Houndy Girl!! She is a Black and Tan coonhound who has lots of spunk! She is very affectionate and she can sit pretty.  She is a good girl who just needs a great home.  She can be spayed for $55 through our voucher program and her adoption fee is only 50$  Come meet Houndy Girl...she is a sweetie!! 
This Beauty came to us after being dumped on a back road.  She is a very sweet girl who wants to follow us and be loved on.  She also loved exploring the back yard and meeting new friends.  She is a young dog and would like an active family.  If you are looking for a great medium sized family dog - please come meet this wonderful girl! She will melt your heart!!
Here is a sweet 4 year old male Shih Tzu who was rescued from a puppy mill.  He is the sweetest boy - and is very much ready for his forever home.  He is a little shy but will hold on to whomever is holding him.  His future looks bright because he is adjusting so well!

These are the dogs that are included in our "White Sale"....we have an abundance of white dogs right now.  Bichon, Maltese and white poodles.  Males and females.  All of them were once used for breeding and we saved their lives by giving them another chance.  They all need forever homes with patience and love.  Some are really scared - some are just shy - but none are hopeless.  We are giving them all a chance to find homes with nice people like you.  Adoption fee is $50  Come pick out your love!!
This is a sweet little Pomeranian girl who is a reitred breeding om.  She is very sweet - curious about life now that she is free - and wants to live in a home with people.  She needs patience and love - but she is truly a real peach!! Come meet her! She won't disappoint you!

This is Gracie - she is a sweet full blooded boxer who is about 5 years old.  She was used for breeding and has been retired from having any more babies.  She is shy and sweet and loves to give love.  Please come see her - she is a wonderful girl!

This is Vera - she is a sweet full blooded boxer who is about 5 years old.  She was used for breeding and has been retired from having any more babies.  She is shy and sweet and loves to give love.  Please come see her - she is a wonderful girl!

This is Buttercup.  She is very sweet and shy - but is fixed and housebroken and longs to be in a home again. She was given up when her owner moved and could not take her.  Buttercup is afraid here at the rescue and needs to have an understanding and patient family who will give her time to get settled into home life again.  Please come and meet Buttercup!

Adorable little guy. 5 mo old he is lab boxer and rat terrier mix. He is such a darling and obedient boy. Problem with him is that he was born with an autoimmune disorder that presented as infant "acne". He had blisters on his face. He was treated by Dr Soehnlen and he is now just fine. He does have some scars on his face. That's the only problem. But this little boy is a sweet pup. He is playful and friendly. Andhe deserves a great forever home.s!

This is Henry....Henry is a nice boy who came from a home where he was super protective of his family because he was not well socialized.  They were all he knew.  Since coming to us - Henry is friendly with other dogs and lots of people!!  He is looking for a forever home! He is housebroken and very obedient.  Come meet Henry!!

This is Bullet! Bullet is a 16 month old Great Dane.  He is a pup still with lots of playfulness.  Bullet is sad because his family had to move out of the country due to his dad's deployment....He is completely housebroken and knows commands.  He is so ready for a great new and forever home!! Please come meet Bullet....He is a sweet boy!

This is Cubby - Cubby is a chow and Lab mix.  He is a bit older but has lots of puppy energy still.  He is an absolutely beautiful long-haired boy who loves to cuddle and snuggle and is everyone's best friend.  He is housebroken and listens so well.  Please come meet this beautiful dog. Cubby won't disappoint.
This is Blaze.  Blaze is a five year old Chocolate Lab who needs a forever home!  He is a retired breeding dog who loves everyone.  he likes to play still and wants to meet everyone who comes into the yard.  He is a typical sweet Lab with a big bark - so he'd be perfect for protecting a home or farm.  Please consider Blaze.  He is just beautiful!!
This is Ruthy....She is a pretty little 4 year old Boston Terrier.  She looks much older because of the white on her face - but she is not really that old...just looks grey.  She is a sweet dog who is curious about other dogs and is very friendly to people.  She loves to play.  Please come meet Ruthy.  We just love her!! You will too!!
This is Jake.  He is a wonderful boy of 5-6 years.  He lost his home due to an elderly relative moving in who was allergic to him.  He is fixed and housebroken and just loves to be spoiled and petted.  He is a smart boy who knows some commands.  He is black Lab mix who looks just like a mini black lab.  Please come met him!
From the first day that the tiny toy poodle came into the shelter, she pretty much hugged the back of her cage. The fluffy and curly little puff ball was always huddled in the far right corner- shaking with fear. Though she was probably used to being in a cage because she had been a breeding mama - certainly being in a strange place with new people caring for her had her feeling very uneasy. 
The poor little thing stayed pretty much motionless there in her corner for the better part of a week - stiffening into a statue whenever we picked her up to clean her cage - or crawling along the fence line when put outside for sun and fun. I was afraid it might take her a while to find a home because she was so reluctant to bond with people or even other dogs. But my worries were short lived. In the middle of the little poodles second week
at the shelter - I got a call from Lynn. She was looking for a friend for her little chihuahua. She asked if we had any little dogs and so I told her about the little girl. 
Lynn showed up shortly after our conversation. She was excited about finding a friend for her dog. She was even more stoked about adopting a rescue dog. She said her other dogs had always been rescues. And she couldn't wait to meet "little mama". - the retired breeding dog. 
Truly it seemed to be love at first sight - for both Lynn and the little poodle. For when Lynn carefully picked her up out of her cage - the little mama did not stay stiff as she always had with us - but instead melted against her...confirming our belief that this would be a great match ....a good bet....a forever friendship ...
So Lynn and the poodle went home - to see just how well she would settle in and to begin her new life as a house dog - and member of a family. I thought about her often - and though I hadn't heard from Lynn yet about how things were going - I figured no news was good news. 
But today - I got both. News AND good news....in my messenger inbox was a collection of pictures from
Lynn. They were all of little mama - now named Lilly - in various stages of her first week in her forever home. Along with the pictures was a message from Lynn: "She is happily walking on a leash now....and going potty outside....and going into her kennel when we say kennel....She needs alot of work, but is progressing very well already." Lynn went on to say "I wondered at first because she was soooook backward and timid....but she is doing well...She has even been wagging her tail uncontrollably....a definite change!!!"
She went on to say that she and the chihuahua and little Lilly were fast becoming besties - and that though she still did not trust men - she was learning from her husband that not all men were to be mistrusted. She said she knew that she would eventually make a breakthrough like she had with every other challenge that had come her way so far. "We all love her so much. She is definitely on a good place."
I smiled with tears in my eyes thinking about the miracle that had taken place in little mama - Lilly's- life within the past three weeks. No longer was she huddled in the corner of a cage...terrified...uncertain ... 
misplaced. No. Now she has a best friend and a family - and a walking partner - she is happy and at home - with her tail constantly wagging. She was in a good place ...a wonderful place. ....indeed!.
Tiny Poodle and the Big New Family!

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Here are two sweet BoerBoel Females - they are both South African Mastiffs.  The one on the Left is Ginger - she is tall and lanky and very docile.  The one below is Lady Jane - she is more assertive and massive.  Both are wonderful with people.  Both are not fond of small critters - small dogs, cats, vermon.  THey are protective and calm and confident loving dogs.  Please come meet them to see if they could be a good fit!

This is Mocha - she is a one year old Chocolate Lab.  Her eyes were operated on when she was a puppy - so she has a ring around both eyes...She is a very sweet girl and is wanting to be a part of a good family.  She was surrendered from a breeder and recently had a litter of pups.  She is a wonderful girl who is shy and only wants to please.  Come meet Mocha!
This is Baby - she is one year old and fixed and housebroken.  She is a sweet baby who loves to be with people.  She follows well on a lead and follows us around when not on a lead  She needs a home that will give her lots of love and kisses!! come meet Baby!
This is Rocky - He is a 7/8 English Bulldog and 1/8 Beagle - although he looks totally like an English....He is a very good Boy who is shy but loves to poke around behind us and be with us all the time.  He is about 3 years old and is learning to go outside to go potty.  Come and meet Rocky....
This is Princess - a Border-Beagle Puppy of about 5 months.  She is so sweet and lovey.  With her gorgeous eyes and gentle spirit - she would make a beautiful and loving companion.  Come meet Princess!!

This is Keesha - a five year old Norwegian Elkhound.  She is just gorgeous and a kind and gentle soul .  She was a family dog who was surrendered to us because the family just could not care for her anymore.  She is the perfect dog who loves everyone and is great with other dogs and cats and animals.  Come meet Keesha!