Dumped Dogs Dog Shelter
Dumped Dogs shelter came about after years of working with Dogs - as a Groomer and Private Rescuer of Dogs.  Many of our friends and relatives were constantly finding dogs and sending them to us...
Often times we would come home to dogs tied to our gate or puppies left in rubbermaid containers on our porch.  We are proud that God has blessed our passion for saving his dogs - and we are now in a location where we can offer our Shelter Dogs for adoption to the public.

Dumped Dogs is currently seeking 501c3 Status 
We are currently registered with the Department of Agriculture as a rescue shelter - and are hoping our 501c3 will enable us to fund-raise more effectively so that we can help more dogs!   

WE are a private shelter...WE serve a very under-served community in a rural area where dogs are often "Dumped" - thus the name!! 

WE also take in former breeding dogs from the Amish Community. We have advertised in their shoppers that we will take in breeding stock that were formerly euthanized when their breeding days were over.  The response from the Amish Community has been very favorable!! Thanks to our friends who have a rapport with this community - we have been able to educate them that their "Livestock" still has many good years in them.  Though rehabbing and socializing them may take a little time - they are often some of the best adopted babies because they are so grateful to be loved!

WE DO offer spaying and Neutering from our vet at a reduced cost of $100 for Neuters and $125 for Spays -for all of our adopted dogs.  We also offer pick-up and Delivery for the dogs the day of surgery. Cost for spay and neuters are in addition to the adoption cost. 

WE also work with the SNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program who helps our adoptive parents get their dogs altered at a reduced rate.  

If you are interested in Adopting - Please make an appointment to come down or come during our business hour listed below...
  Please call - texting preferred - 234-521-3259

Our shelter is located just south of Canton Ohio

2393 Westbrook Street SE
Magnolia, 44643
9-5 Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Saturdays 9-3 / Sundays 12-3

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Here is a very nice male dog who would love to come to your house to play.  He is a Shepherd - Blue Heeler mix and he is about 2 years old.  He likes other dogs and loves people.  He came from a farm - so he has herding skills as well as knows how to be a great companion.  He is up to date on everything and is ready for love!!   $50 adoption fee - He needs a home!
Great Doggies Who Need Homes!!
All dogs come with a voucher for low cost spay and 
neuter and a 7-day money back guarantee.

Beautiful female Beagle!!  She is a nice 3 year old with lots of love to give.  She is learning housebreaking very well and she is perhaps the friendliest beagle I've ever met!! She is up to date on her shots and is healthy and happy and ready for love.  Come meet her!! 
Beautiful Husky - 4 years old - male.  Very nice dog.  He is a great dog! And listens very very well!  Just a beautiful boy who will love you back for years!!
Here is a nice female Bichon.  She is just the sweetest! She is very Shy and needs some time to adjust to being a house dog.  She was used as a breeder - but she is pretty young - 3-4 years old.  So she will adjust quickly and she is showing us signs of being a real great pet!!   She is up to date on her shots and is healthy and happy and ready for love.  Come meet her!! 
Here is a nice male Poodle.  He is about 5 years old and is very sweet.  He's working on being more friendly with time and trust.  But he does love held and is becoming a real lover!!  He is up to date on shots and ready for love!!  Come meet him!! 
Here is a very nice male poodle mix who is all play!!  He is 4 years old and he came to us because his human mom passed away.  He is a really sweet little guy - but he needs love and care as he is still wondering what happened to his life.   Please come and see him if you are wanting a nice little playmate who loves to be with his people.
Here is a female boxer - older girl who just wants to be loved!! She follows us around and stops whenever we stop to sit by us and have her head ot her but rubbed.  She is an older girl who had been used for breeding.  But now she is totally ready for her new life as a housedog.  She is mostly housebroken and wants just to please her people!! ....Please come see her.  Her adoption fee is just 50$
Beautiful Pug and Bulldog mix - She is an absolute love!! She was very Shy and but has warmed up just beautifully...She was used as a breeder - but she is pretty young - 2 years old.  She will be just a great family pet and member of the family...She is up to date on her shots and is healthy and happy and ready for love.  Come meet her!! 
Beautiful Shiba Inus....2 females who are 18 months old and one male (blue matt) who is almost 1 year.  All three are sweet and a little shy.  They were surrendered from the Amish because they would not make good breeding dogs...instead of putting them down - we rescued them and now they will make excellent family members for those who love and appreciate the breed.  They are from the spitz family and are an extremely loyal and confident breed....Just win their trust and they will make great forever companions.  Come meet them - they are very nice babies!!
Here is an amazingly beautiful Puggle - low to the ground - with short little legs and a big smile - she is the perfect size and temperament to become the dog of your dreams!!  She is just about 4years old and is in excellent shape!! A real snuggler, too!!  Up to date on everything - come meet this wonderful girl!!
Beautiful Black Lab mix - he is about 3 -4 years old and is housebroken.  He came to us from a man who had a psuchotic break and wound up in a psych hospital....His family had to move him in with them to help and he could not take his pets.  This boy is medium sized and is an absolute Gentleman...Very pretty boy - the pictures don't do him justice!! Come see what a great boy he is!!
Here is a Puggle female - She is low to the ground - and has a big smile - she is the perfect size for an apartment or for a family who wants a small but sturdy dog.  She is very dhy - but is really working on getting used to loving from people..... She is just about 3 years old and is in excellent shape!!  Up to date on everything - come meet this wonderful girl!!
Here is a sweet female Pomeranian about 4-5 years old.  She is a bit shy and is really a very nice girl.  She has come a long way with us....She has a ton of personality!!  
She is ready for a forever home!  Please come see her!~
Here is a beautiful female goldendoodle..  She is 5 years old and true peach of a girl!! Loves to just be at your side and love you - no matter what kind of a day you've had!!  She is mostly housebroken and wants just to please her people!! ....Please come see her.  Her adoption fee is just 95$
Belle - is a german shepherd american bulldog mix...she is housebroken and fixed.  A very elegant and sweet girl!!  She is timid - but warms up very fast!!  Up to date on everything - was surrendered because of a move.  Please come see her if you want a large and lovey girl.  
Here is a sweet female yellow lab baby - she is about 14 eeks old.  She is just beautiful!!  Very thick coat and a real lover!! Up to date on her shots and ready to go to a forever home!  Please come see her!~She is just gorgeous!!

Two Beagle Bulldogs.  Girl is on the left and boy is on the right...9 weeks old.  They are just the sweetest.  Very playful and very adorable!! Come see them if you want a great puppy...these guy grow into sturdy and playful dogs.  

Adorable Male YorkiePoo.  He is 15 weeks old.  Just an adorable little guy who was left as the last of a last of the litter.  He is a sweet and energetic little guy who loves to be loved!! come get this bundle of fluffy love!!
Adorable Bernadoodle puppy!!  Male.  He is just the sweetest.  Only 12 weeks old.  Just the nicest and loviest little guy.  Come meet this wonderful boy if you want a dog who will grow to be a big curly cuddlebug!!